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Visio support for training events

General information about training events

  • A training event can be a seminar, course, theme-day, a series of lectures or a study trip.
  • The event has to have a planned program and someone responsible for it and an organiser or a teacher.
  • There must be at least five participants.
  • The support can be granted to any organisation, not just Visio’s members.
  • The application must be handed in at least two weeks before the event. The support is paid after the event according to the actual costs.
  • The organiser is responsible for all financial issues and takes care of all the needed financial transactions including social security costs for employees.

Amount of the support

  • Visio stands for maximum of half of the accepted expenses of the event.
  • The max. amount depends on the amount of study hours. For each studyhour you can get up to 20€, one study hour equals 45 minutes.Example: An organisation hosts a training event for new volunteers. The length of the training is 4 study hours (á 45 minutes). The costs of the event are 180€ (rent, lecturer fee, catering) How much do they get support from Visio?Answer: Due to the length (4 study hours) the max amount is 4 x 20 =80€ Visio pays 80€ of the costs and the organisational pays the rest 100€

Applying for the Visio-support for training events

Step 1: Planning the event

Apply for Visio support at least two weeks before the event. Start by planning the program for the event and making the budget.

Step 2: Applying for the support

Fill in the application form. Visio will make a billing contract with you in this point, incase you don’t have one yet. You will hear from us within two weeks.

Step 3: Preparing for the training

Prepare to collect the some information from the participants. Name list, number of participants, number of female participants and number of participants taking part in Visio’s training this calendar year. You can use Visio’s forms (apulomakkeet below) to collect the data.

Step 4: After the training

Send the financial statement to Visio within four weeks.

Receipts and bank statements are to be attached only if required by your billing contract. 

The Visio-support will be paid on your organisation’s account within three weeks after sending in the final paperwork. 


Note, all the forms are in Finnish. Incase you have problems in filling them up, we are happy to assist!

Course plan, training days and seminars (pdf)
Opintotilaisuuden ohjelma, koulutuspäivät ja seminaarit

Course plan, longer trainings (pdf)
Opintotilaisuuden ohjelma, päiväkohtainen suunnitelma

Participant information form
Osallistujatietolomake (doc /pdf)


Further assistance

Contact Visio’s Educational Secretary Leena Karisto
+358 44 727 3240

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