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VISIO – Green ideas, training and culture

Educational Centre Visio offers training and educational services for civil society organisations and volunteers, members of the Green Party, immigrant associations and individuals interested in environmental issues. Visio offers educational services to both individuals and organisations.

Educational Centre Visio has been run by The Green Cultural Association since 1995. The Cultural association was founded five years earlier. Think Tank Visio was established year 2005. Visio has 23 member organisations, representing civil society from all around Finland.

Visio aims to improve and realize sustainable development, green values and democracy through adult education and cultural projects. Visio operates in the field of non-formal adult education in Finland.

Visio is a member of Green European Foundation.


Visio’s educational services

1. Financial support for organisation’s own trainings

Visio offers financial support for training activities organised by NGO’s in Finland. Visio supports mainly its own member organisations, but we have resources to support also tranings organised by other NGOs if they meet our criteria. More information on Visio support for training events can be found here. Addition to training events, we also support study groups (opintokerhotuki). Please ask more information from Visio.

2. Education for immigrants

The aim of Visio’s immigrant education is to strengthen the role of immigrants as active, environmentally conscious citizens and independent actors in Finnish society. Visio’s educational services for immigrants are mostly organised via immigrant organisations. More information from educational coordinator Meri Tennilä, +358 44 727 3243.

3. Other educational services

In addition to supporting organisations’ own trainings, Visio also arranges open courses in civic activity and participates in different international education and development projects. Visio is also the official training organisation for Greens in Finland. Please ask further information from Visio.

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