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Rethinking People Planet and Profit with Feminist Climate Ambassadors | Green Hub | COP26

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8.11.2021, 15-17 GMT, Green Hub, Glasgow


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Monday 8th November 2021, 15-17 GMT


Green Hub (Kirk lounge), Glasgow

Address of the venue: Reinfield Training & Conference Centre, 260 Bath Street, Glasgow , G2 4JP, United Kingdom.

Venue accessible to individuals with disabilities.


Free of charge


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Dilara Asardag
Barbora Majdisova
Louisa Theresa Mandt
Krystel Sil Sikana
Gabrielle Sousa
Ana Díaz Vidal
Claire Woods


Introduction: “Climate Change, Feminism & Intersections.”

Speaker: Gabrielle Sousa – Brazilian living in Berlin, Germany. Engineer in the renewables sector. Researcher on solar energy & decarbonisation. Advocate for climate justice, inclusion & diversity and decolonisation of the climate discourse.

  1. Rethinking Society

Climate change feeding into insecurity & inequalities: conflicts & displacement in the Global South.

Speaker: Krystel Sil Sikana – Strong advocate for equity in STEM. Environmental Researcher researching the impact of Climate change in the Global South and adaptation strategies. Project Manager at the African Union Diaspora Youth Initiative.

What would a feminist climate policy look like?”

Speaker: Ana Díaz Vidal – Edinburgh/València. Researching degrowth, post-capitalism, and alternatives to development with a feminist lens.

  1. Rethinking Environmentalism

“Reimagining environmentalism: Towards a queer ecofeminist framework for navigating our current predicament and fighting against the injustices.”

Speaker: Dilara Asardag, Finnish Cypriot PhD Researcher in communication studies. Scholar, researcher, writer, photographer, performance artist and activist. Doctoral project related to gender-based violence and online/ offline activism and advocacy.

“Ideas of queer visibility and interdependence in environmental activism as a tool against the patriarchal concept of domination.”

Speaker: Barbora Majdisova – Slovakian living in Malmö, Sweden. Educator on Queer environmentalism and LGBTQ+ refugee rights. Researcher of workers’ rights and the advocate for Just Transition.

  1. Rethinking Economy

“We need a bigger table: Changing perceptions of women in business and the economy.” 

Speaker: Louisa Theresa Mandt. German, Netherlands/Portugal/Hungary. Master student in Global Business and Sustainability focusing on gender equality in business and society and climate justice from an economic standpoint.

“‘GDP measures everything except that which makes life worth living’: Changing our mindset in changing times.” 

Speaker: Claire Woods. Irish woman educated in Northern Ireland, living and working for an MEP in Brussels, Belgium. Loving mother to a young daughter. B.A. in Economics and Business, MSc in Gender Studies. 

Final Remarks and Closing Activity


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