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Introduction to Urban Permaculture , Helsinki

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23.4.2022, at 11–17 o'clock, Annala garden, Hämeentie 154, building J, 00560 Helsinki


8 – 40 €


In cooperation with www.learninginnature.com/about

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Contact information adele.halttunen@opintokeskusvisio.fi laura.haltiala@opintokeskusvisio.fi


Lets work with nature, not against it! In the city as well.

The word Permaculture is derived from the words permanent and culture. It is a holistic design tool that can be used for many purposes including land management and gardening that adopts arrangements observed in natural flourishing ecosystems.

This 6 hour introductory course is specially designed for urban environments – cities and suburbs – where growing space can be very limited. Whatever the space is you have for growing, applying permaculture practices can make it more diverse, more productive and more beautiful.

Earth Care – People Care – Fair Share


  • Permaculture principles
  • Permaculture techniques
  • How to apply permaculture techniques in an urban setting
  • Tips in how to begin a gardening hobby in Helsinki

Target group

Urbanites interested in permaculture and urban gardening. No previous experience needed!

Time and place

Saturday 23.4.2022 at 11-17 o’clock
in Annalan puutarha / Annala garden, Helsinki (address: Hämeentie 154, building J, 00560 Helsinki)


Environmental educator and permaculture designer Gaye Amus (https://www.learninginnature.com/about). Permaculture designer Laura Haltiala from Opintokeskus Visio.

Participation fee

We use a solidarity based pay what you can -pricing.
Choose a price that suits your economical needs and join the permaculture revolution! All tickets are equal contentwise. By paying a higher price you allow someone in a more restricted economical situation to join the course. The ticket fees are used to cover costs such as rent, materials and lunch. This is a non-profit course.

Ticket fees:

8€ / 16 € / 24 € (recommended fee) / 32 € / 40 €

Additional information

The ticket includes a light, plant-based lunch & coffee/tea.

The course will be held principally in English if there is demand for an English instruction, otherwise it can also be held in Finnish if only Finnish-speaking participants sign up. We ask for your preferred language in the sign-up. In any case there is possibility for Finnish and English translation in the event.

For questions regarding accessibility, contact: adele.halttunen@opintokeskusvisio.fi

erasmus+ logo.

The course is a part of Erasmus+ funded project Lessons from Less Heard.


Sign up by 18.4.2022 by buying a ticket below! Be fast, first 30 registrants will be accepted to the course.

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