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Futures workshops: Preferred futures of carbon-neutral economy

10.6.2024 – 22.10.2024 (Ilmoittautuminen käynnissä)


10.6.2024, 16 - 20, Mannerheimintie 15b A 4.krs (Vihreät), Helsinki
27.8.2024, 16 - 20, Mannerheimintie 15b A 4.krs (Vihreät), Helsinki
22.10.2024, 16 - 20 , Mannerheimintie 15b A 4.krs (Vihreät), Helsinki


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This workshop series requires commitment to all three workshops.

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Are you fed up with the current situation and tired of the dystopian future images that the media is offering? To build better futures we need to take time and imagine the preferred futures.

What would the carbon-neutral sustainable economy futures look like? 

Imagine a future where carbon neutrality and sustainability are the backbone of the economy. Businesses operate in harmony with the environment, relying on renewable resources and eco-friendly practices. Jobs are created in clean energy and sustainable industries, contributing to both economic growth and environmental preservation. 

Join us in envisioning this brighter, greener future!

The EconomyGreens in Finland (TalousVihreät) wants to strengthen the discussion about the preferred futures of a carbon neutral Finland and these futures workshops will give you tools and perspectives for that. 

The EconomyGreens in Finland organizes these workshops with the support of Visio (Visiotuki). 

Learning goals (oppimistavoitteet, mitä osallistujat oppivat?) 

Participants will 

  • get an opportunity to strengthen their skills in futures thinking 
  • acquire experience-based knowledge on participatory futures research methods to envision alternative sustainable futures
  • get an opportunity to practice scenario-building to understand different pathways to a sustainable economy 
  • get the ability to collaborate and co-create a powerful vision with diverse stakeholders towards a common goal
  • gain confidence in your ability to shape and influence the future through current actions

Who can attend? 

Participants must register in advance. Workshops are open for all, who are interested in sustainable futures. The language used in the workshops is English, but it is ok to speak with other participants in Finnish or another language. Participants need only an open mind and willingness to explore the future! 


Kalpani Pavithra: Student of MSSc Futures Studies (UTU), MBA(Finance), BBA(Finance)

Our facilitator is deeply passionate about shaping sustainable futures, blending expertise in Futures Studies and Finance with a commitment to positive change evident in her current exploration of sustainable practices in her Master’s thesis.

The EconomyGreens in Finland will add to the workshop programme with a keynote and participatory tasks between workshops.


Drivers and elements of sustainable economy – Mon 10th of June, at 16 – 20

Scenarios of alternative carbon neutral futures – Tue 27th of August, at 16 – 20 

Co-creating the vision – Tue 22nd of October, at 16 – 20

All the workshops include a break and refreshments


We wish that participants commit to attending all three workshops and participatory tasks between workshops, as they all are parts of a complete process. There are places for 15 participants, if you are interested, please register soon!

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