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Futures frequency – workshop

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22.6.2022 (Ilmoittautuminen käynnissä)


22.6.2022, klo 10-13 (Finland, 9 - 12 Central European Time), Online.


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Futures Frequency is a three-hour workshop method that combines future-oriented thinking with change-making. Futures frequency serves as an introduction to future-oriented thinking and helps participants to perceive positive futures that they want to work towards in practice. The core of the three-step workshop involves challenging assumptions about the future, imagining preferred futures and planning how to make them a reality. 

The Futures Frequency method was developed in 2020 in Sitra.


Workshop is organized online (Zoom). Information, pre-task and link will be send to the participants via e-mail before the workshop.

Worskhop includes discussions and team work, so it is important that you have your camera and microphone in use.

In this workshop we follow Educational Center Visio’s guidelines of safer space. This means that everyone attending to the workshop commit to behave respectfully. We have zero tolerance for discrimination.


Wednesday 22nd of June from 10 am to 1 pm (10 – 13.00) Finnish time (CET 9.00 – 13.00).

Who can participate?

Anyone who is interested in future oriented thinking and change making. especially we wish participants from NGO’s and associations. If there are several participants of same association, it will be easier to apply the method after the workshop in your association.


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If there are problems or questions, please contact: maia.fandi@opintokeskusvisio.fi

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