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MEP Alviina Alametsä: EU & Foreign Policy


Educational Centre Visio organises in collaboration with the member of the European Parliament Alviina Alametsä a 2-part training on the EU foreign policy, delving into it from two different aspects: 1) EU and peacebuilding and 2) EU and feminist foreing policy.

According to the EU Treaties, the EU’s goal is to ”maintain peace, prevent conflict and strengthen international security”, making peacebuilding one of the EU’s core values. In ”the EU and Peacebuilding” –part of the training it will therefore be discussed, what does the EU do to prevent conflict and to build sustainable peace. To what kind of threats does the EU respond to, what kind of global peace actor the EU is, and what tools and instruments it has in its disposal to prevent conflict and build peace, and what priorities the EU should have in this regard in the coming years?

The second part of the training discusses feminist foreign policy. What does it mean, and why foreign policy should be feminist? How well has the EU integrated gender into the different sectors of its external relations from diplomacy to climate, peace and security, and trade? By doing what, the EU could do more feminist foreign policy? Visiting expert will also explore the EU’s measures to implement the Women, Peace and Security (WPS) agenda. 


First session on thu  22nd September at 16:30–18:30 CEST (17:30-19:30 EEST) – EU and Peace Building

  • MEP Alviina Alametsä (Greens): What the EU does to build peace and prevent conflict
  • Finnish MP Hussein al-Taee (Social Democrats), president of the global group of Finnish Parliamentary
  • EPLO Lorenzo Angelini (policy officer): Climate Change, Peace and Conflict

Second session on tue 27th September at 16:30-18:30 CEST(17.30–19.30 EEST)  – EU and Feminist Foreign Policy 

  • Introduction, MEP Alviina Alametsä
  • Jakob Dalunde (Swedish Green MEP): Swedish experiences on applications of feminist foreign policy
  • EEAS Lina Andeer (advisor): Women, Peace and Security (WPS) -agenda of the EU
  • Discussion


The event is streamed online. Registrate to the event to receive the participation details by 20th September. 

Participation fee


Contact person

Adele Halttunen, coordinator, Educational Centre Visio, adele.halttunen@opintokeskusvisio.fi


Registration by Monday 19th September at 23:59 EEST. Registrate via the form below.

Your registration information will only be used for the purpose of communicating the event, more information here (in Finnish): https://opintokeskusvisio.fi/tietosuojaseloste/#kurssi-ilmoittautumislomakeavoimet

This event is organised with the support of European Network of Political Foundations (ENoP).

The European Network of Political Foundations serves as an umbrella network and information hub on topics related to democracy and development cooperation. As such, it provides its members a joint platform to engage into a coordinated dialogue with EU institutions, CSOs and other relevant stakeholders.

ENoP brings together 53 political foundations from 23 European countries, active in Europe and with over 130 local offices in partner countries. Although independent in nature, each of the ENoP members is affiliated with one of six political groups represented in the European Parliament (ECR, EPP, Greens/EFA, The Left in the European Parliament, S&D, Renew Europe). This broad spectrum of affiliation reflects the political diversity of the European democratic landscape and gives ENoP a unique approach.

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